Dutch website translation is part of Quick Lingo’s wide range of specialised professional translation services.

For English-speaking companies that would like to attract more global customers, translating a website into the Dutch language can be a great investment and it is highly recommended. Quick Lingo can deliver highly accurate English to Dutch website translations in a fast turnaround. With considerable expertise and a deep understanding of the Dutch language and culture, we are the first choice for businesses that see Dutch website translation as a means of expanding their horizons and increase their customer base.

Why Translate your Website into Dutch?

The Netherlands is a prosperous country and has the 16th largest economy in the world and the lowest rate of unemployment among all European Union states. There are 14,872,200 Internet users in the country that represent 88.6% of the Dutch population. The reliability of the economy and the high GDP per capita make this country and ideal target for businesses that want to go international. By translating your website into Dutch, you will be able to target about 27 million Dutch speakers, including those that speak Dutch as a second language.

English to Dutch Website Translation Services

As a leading UK’s translation company, Quick Lingo specialises in multilingual website translations for global corporate clients around the world. We provide website translation services in over 100 languages including Dutch website translation.

Dutch to English Website Translation

For Dutch companies wishing to expand their presence into the English-speaking markets, this is a solution worth giving a thought. English is a prominent language globally, and choosing to have a Dutch to English website translation is a logical progression for forward-thinking businesses that wish to increase their local and global influence.

English to Dutch Website Translation

English-speaking businesses with far-reaching ambitions should consider Quick Lingo’s Dutch website translation service, for a solution that is in tune with the global market’s needs. Our translation agency only employs qualified translators who speak Dutch as their mother tongue.

Please contact us today for a full quote for a multilingual website translation, Dutch to English website translation, English to Dutch website translations or any other language combination.

To learn more about our Dutch website translation services call us on +44 (0) 2081238014  from the UK and on +19176753091 from the US. Get a free translation quote or send us an email.

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