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Quick Lingo offers qualified Newcastle translation services in all major languages. With our professional translators, interpreters and transcribers, Our translations are accurate and competitively priced. We are experienced in all fields namely; legal, technical, medical, business among other environments in Newcastle. Get a free quote today, simply click here. 

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More about Newcastle city

Newcastle upon Tyne is a university city on the River Tyne in northeast England. With its twin city, Gateshead, it was a major shipbuilding and manufacturing hub during the Industrial Revolution and is now a centre of business, arts and sciences. Spanning the Tyne, modern Gateshead Millennium Bridge, noted for its unique tilting aperture, is a symbol of the 2 cities.

The county of Newcastle is one of the 49 countries of South Australia spanning the central Flinders Rangers. It was named in 1876 for Francis Pelham-Clinton-Hope, the eighth Duke of Newcastle.

Quality Management

Quick Lingo consists highly professional project management teams to all our translation projects. As soon as your project arrives, a project manager in your field will assign qualified and skilled translators to carry on the translation with his/her close monitoring. All projects are translated, proofread and edited to ensure maximum accuracy.

All translators and interpreters are bound by a non-disclosure agreement. we respect the confidentiality of our clients’ projects and are committed to keep our high ethical standards.

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