Public Sector Translation for the is one of Quick Lingo’s areas of specialization. Our interpreting and translation services facilitate people’s access to health and social services. We provide linguistically accurate translations for the public sector in all the languages.

Public Sector Translation Services

Quick Lingo has experience in dealing with all facets of public sector translation services.

We translate for:

* The Judicial System
* Education Bodies
* Local Councils
* Government Departments
* Intergovernmental Organizations
* Health Services
* Immigration Departments
* Political Parties
* Development Agencies
* Non-govermental Organizations

Translation for Local Communities

As communities across the UK become more diverse, central and local authorities are increasingly in need of translation and interpreting services to reach all constituents. Our translation agency understands the regulations and processes affecting government bodies and has developed an efficient quality management system to complete projects in compliance with these guidelines and in the most efficient way possible. Quick Lingo is a company you can trust to deliver excellent translations for the public sector.

We provide translations for:

  • * Local Councils
  • * Emergency Services
  • * Community centres
  • * Housing Associations
  • * Social Services
  • * Police Stations
Public Sector Translation Quality

Translations for the public sector can be challenging. That is why we take the time to listen to you to understand your exact needs. We then create a strategy on how to deliver a high quality translation service to you right on time and budget. We also include free additional independent proofreading, simply to make sure we are satisfied with our work before we submit the completed project back to you as requested.

Multilingual Public Sector Translation

The expertise of Quick Lingo’s translators reaches diverse areas such as transportation, education, health care and tourism; which enables us to translate your project with authority. Whatever the document, we provide accurate translations to local, state, federal, and global organizations of any language. Our London translation agency only uses certified native speaker translators to ensure high linguistic accuracy. We also provide first class interpreting services.

Ethical Standards

Quick Lingo understands the security of issues surrounding government documents and public sector translations. We respect the confidentiality of these documents and are committed to providing our clients with translations following strict standards for accuracy and integrity. All or our translators are bound by a commercial confidentiality and corporate nondisclosure agreement.

To learn more about our public sector translation service or to get further information about our professional translation services, call us on +44 (0)208 123 8014 from the UK and on +1 917 675 3091 from the US. Alternatively, you can get a quick translation quote.

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