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Marketing Translation Services

Quick Lingo’s marketing translation services will ease your company’s presence into the global market. With top quality advertising and marketing translations available in over 100 languages, we have become the UK’s leading translation agency. Our translators are well prepared to get your corporate message across and make it suitable to specific audiences through understanding its needs and desires.

Translation for Online Marketing

Translation for Public Relations

Why Marketing Translation
Services are so Crucial?

The translation of marketing and advertising materials is critical for multinational companies because it will affect the way the consumers perceive their companies. Successful marketing and advertising translations will facilitate customers’ engagement. Advertising and brand translations require special sensitivity and a deep understanding of the target audience to being able to integrate symbolism, metaphors and emotional factors as a part of an original and appealing marketing concept.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

Many great advertising slogans have lost their meaning while being translated. Even big brands have got their marketing and advertising translations wrong. Inaccuracy could lead to disastrous advertising campaigns that may damage your company image.


Some of the most well known advertising translation blunders are:

  • As Coca-Cola attempted to enter the Chinese market, the Chinese translation of their brand name came out as “bite the wax tadpole” or “female horse stuffed with wax”, depending on the dialect of Chinese used.
  • Chevrolet encountered difficulties when introducing its pick-up Chevy Nova to the Spanish market. In Spanish “no va” means “it doesn’t go”; hardly a good selling point for a car manufacturer.
  • “Nothing sucks like an Electrolux” was the slogan used by the Scandinavian vacuum manufacturer in an American campaign.
Using Quick Lingo professional translation services you can be sure that your corporate message won’t get lost in translation.

Our marketing translations include:

  • Translation for Advertising and Branding
  • Translation for Online Marketing
  • Translation for Public Relations
  • Translation for Multilingual Events
for specific requirements.

Marketing Translation Expertise

Quick Lingo is UK’s leading provider of professional translation services for the advertising and marketing industries. Our marketing translators have the linguistic knowledge and cultural expertise to deliver highly accurate and culturally suitable advertising and marketing translations. They work alongside copywriters and advertising professionals to fully understand the concept that goes behind the different marketing strategies. If you are looking for a tailor made marketing translation service, we have the solution.

Multilingual Marketing Translation

Quick Lingo’s multilingual marketing translation services will help your business to get recognition in foreign markets. We cater for all major languages including:
  • Chinese Marketing Translation Services
  • Arabic Marketing Translation Services
  • Spanish Marketing Translation Services
  • German Marketing Translation Services
To learn more about our marketing translation services or to get further information on our translation services, call us on +44 (0)208 123 8014 from the UK and on +1 917 675 3091 from the US. Alternatively, you can get a translation quote.
Our translation company provides marketing translation services in London, the UK and abroad.