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Quick Lingo provides professional translation services for a wide range of fields. We understand that each project is different and requires a deep understanding of the subject matter and corresponding terminology. Legal translation, for instance, requires knowledge of the diverse legal systems while medical translation demands specific expertise within the particular sub-area. Therefore, we have an extensive network of specialised translators for specific sectors.
Whether you need a business translation or a website translation, our translation agency is here to help you. Quick Lingo is here to help you.

Quick Lingo Translation Services

Our professional services include:

Document Translation Services

Quick Lingo’s document translation service is characterized by exceptional quality and accuracy. Our professional team can translate any type of document to any language.
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Legal Translation Services

Quick Lingo specialises in providing high-quality legal translation services. Our agency offers professional legal translations for solicitors, law firms, and corporate clients.
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Transcription services

Transcription Services

For your business to achieve the global success you will need a quality communication scheme. We have the best language solutions to assist the internationalization of your business.
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Marketing Translation Services

Our marketing translation services will ease your company presence in the global market. Successful marketing and advertising translations facilitate customers’ engagement.
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Financial Translation Services

Whether you want to expand your business abroad or invest in foreign countries, our translation service can help you communicate efficiently with business partners and clients.
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Technical Translation Services

Technical translations require a high level of knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology. Any misinterpretation or mistake in the translations of user manuals or guides could lead to risky situation for potential users. Read more.

Website Translation Services

Quick Lingo’s website translation services can help you to reach foreign markets and expand your business horizons. Quick Lingo provides website translation services in London, the UK and worldwide.
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Medical Translation Services

We are a UK’s leading provider of professional translation services to the Medical and Pharmaceutical sectors. We cover areas such as health care, biostatistics, chemistry, etc.
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Government Translation Services

Our government translation services can help governmental bodies, local councils, and public institutions communicate effectively with ethnic communities and international counterparts.
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Due to globalization and growing multiculturalism, interpreting services are becoming increasingly relevant to overcome language barriers. In addition to our translation services, Quick Lingo offers high-quality interpreting services for more than 150 languages, 24 hours per day. We provide professional interpreters to the public sector, business, and other private entities.
Find-out more about our interpreting services.

Human Resources Translation

Human resources translation is essential for companies that have a workforce from different linguistic backgrounds. Quick Lingo offers fast, professional and cost effective human resources translation services.
Read more about Human Resources Translation.

Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services

Quick Lingo provides complementary multilingual desktop publishing services as a value added service for customers’ publishing needs. Desktop Publishing generally refers to the process of using the computer to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books and other publications.
Read more about Multilingual Desktop publishing services.

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