Quick Lingo is the leading provider of professional medical translation services to the medical and pharmaceutical sectors. Our expertise caters for a wide range of areas such as biotechnology, neurosurgery, dentistry and veterinary. We know that accuracy is critical in medical translations because it has to do with people’s healthcare.

Our translation company offers medical translation services in London, the UK and worldwide.

Medical Translation Services

Quick Lingo’s medical translation services include the translation of documents as diverse as:

* Clinical Reports and Studies
* Medical Equipment Manuals
* Pharmaceutical Guidelines
* Medical Software
* Hospital & Insurance Reports
* Medical Journals
* Medical Brochures
* Medical Terminology Glossaries

Pharmaceutical Translation

The distribution of drugs and devices across countries has increased the demand for medical translations. To inform professionals and patients about the benefits of their products, pharmaceutical companies need to translate clinical trial reports, drugs catalogues and marketing material. When dealing with pharmaceutical and medical translations, there is no room for error. Quick Lingo is a translation agency that you can rely on for all your pharmaceutical translation requirements. Our translators have prior experience in the pharmaceutical industry and keep themselves abreast of new developments.

Medical Translation Expertise

The translation of medical documents is a complex task that requires full understanding of the medical terminology in the source and target languages in order to find the nearest possible equivalent in the target text. Our translation company just uses highly qualified and experienced professional translators.

Our London translation agency works with private and public healthcare entities, always delivering high quality translations right on time and within budget. Looking for medical translations? Contact us now for further information.

Medical Translation Quality

Quick Lingo’s translation services are renowned for the high standards of its project management and the quality of its translations. Your project manager will ensure that your medical translation is assigned to a translator that is very familiar with the medical terminology. Once the translation is finished, we employ the services of independent proof-readers to review our work before we deliver it to you.

Multilingual Medical Translations

We provide medical translations in more than 100 languages including:

  • French Medical Translation Services
  • German Medical Translation Services
  • Spanish Medical Translation Services
  • Chinese Medical Translation Services

Quick Lingo is also offering medical interpreting services, medical transcription services and scientific translation.

To learn more about our medical translation services or to talk through your translation project, call us on +44 (0)208 123 8014 from the UK and on +1 917 675 3091 from the US. Alternatively, you can get a quick translation quote.