The main benefit to having a multilingual website is that you will be able to attract clients from around the globe. Culturally accurate website translations will increase your chances of boosting your revenue. The translation and localization of your website will show your prospect customers that you understand and respect their language and culture. Quick Lingo provides multilingual website translation services for more than 100 languages including:

Mandarin Website Translation

Mandarin is the most spoken language in the world with 885 million speakers. China has become an attractive market for business for European and American business. Read more Mandarin Website Translation

Spanish Website Translation

With a Spanish website, you could reach Spanish and South American markets as well as the Hispanic community in the USA that account for 8.9 percent of the buying power. Read more Spanish Website Translation

French Website Translation

With a French website you could target the French-speaking population around the world that reach 200 million people including the population that speak French as a second language. Read more French Website Translation

Korean Website Translation

There are currently 39,440,000 Internet users million broadband users in Korea that represent 81% of the Korean population and this percentage in constantly rising. Read more Korean Website Translation

Arabic Website Translation

The Arabic market has a lot of potential due to the fact that many Arabic-speaking countries are prosperous economies. Translating your website into Arabic you could target this extensive market. Read more Arabic Website Translation

German Website Translation

There are about 120 million native German speakers. Internet usage in Germany has increased in the last couple of years with 65,123,800 users that correspond to 79.1% of the population. Read more German Website Translation

Urdu Website Translation

There about 65 million Urdu speakers worldwide and translating your website into Urdu will allow you to reach that audience. We provide highly accurate Urdu website translations. Read more Urdu Website Translation

Turkish Website Translation

English-speaking businesses with far-reaching ambitions should consider our Turkish website translation services, for a solution that’s in tune with the global market’s needs. Read more Turkish Website Translation

Japanese Website Translation

Translating your website into Japanese is an effective way to increase website traffic as well as lead and sales. We provide website translations in over 100 languages including Japanese. Read more Japanese Website Translation

Portuguese Website Translation

Translating your website into Portuguese is a cost-effective way to promote your business in the Portuguese-speaking market. It will allow you to target Portuguese and Brazilian consumers. Read more Portuguese Website Translation

We also provide:

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