Quick Lingo provides professional Mandarin translation services to assist corporate clients with a wide variety of Mandarin translations. For high quality Mandarin translations, you are in the right place.

Standard Mandarin or Modern Standard Chinese is the official modern Chinese spoken language used in mainland China and Taiwan, and is one of the four official languages of Singapore. Standard Mandarin has become China’s lingua franca. There are about 836 million speakers worldwide.

Mandarin Translation Services

Our professional translation service includes areas such as:

Mandarin Legal Translation

We are familiar with translating Mandarin written legal documents into English or any other language. Our Mandarin legal translation services include the translation of certificates, passports, contracts and any type of legal documentation. Our translation agency is happy to carry out all Mandarin legal translations, and guarantees an outstanding degree of clarity.

Mandarin Business Translation

We encourage international trade and we do so through our language services. We are familiar with translating a variety of business documents into or from Mandarin. Quick Lingo is a professional translation agency for corporate clients. We are best placed to handle all your Mandarin business translations.

Mandarin Marketing Translation

Quick Lingo provides marketing and advertising translation to suit your company’s brand image. Our Mandarin marketing translation services include the translation of marketing brochures, advertisements, videos and image ads.We have a highly qualified Mandarin and English translators that specialise in the marketing sector, and can supply any translation or related services you may require.

Our Mandarin translation services also include:

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Mandarin Language Translations

Quick Lingo’s Mandarin translation services cover more than 100 languages combinations including:

Mandarin to English Translation

As Chinese business increase their prominence worldwide, the need for masterful English translations will grow. Quick Lingo caters to all your Mandarin to English translation needs. We also provide extra free independent proof-reading just to make sure that our quality is second to none.

English to Mandarin Translation

Future collaborations between English-speaking and Mandarin-speaking businesses look set to be even more frequent and fruitful. At Quick Lingo we only employ native Mandarin translators to ensure outstanding English to Mandarin translations. We provide English to Mandarin marketing translations, English to Mandarin legal translations, English to Mandarin website translations and many more.

Our translation company covers all language combinations.

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Looking for accurate and fast Mandarin translations? Look no further. Our quality assurance procedures has been designed to deliver the best possible Mandarin translations.

Quick Lingo provides an effective and quick response to your Mandarin translation needs. To learn more about our professional translation services, call us on +44 (0)208 123 8014 from the UK and on +1 917 675 3091 from the US. You can also get a translation quote. Our translation agency caters for Mandarin translations in London, UK wide and across the world.