Quick Lingo is a UK’s leading English translation provider. English has been referred as a world language due to its influence in cinema, media, technology and many other areas. Quick Lingo provides professional translation services to assist corporate clients with a wide variety of English translations.

English Language

English is the third most spoken language in the world with 375 million of native speakers and over 750 million of second language speakers. It is the official language of many international organizations including the United Nations and the International Olympic Committee.

English speaking countries have adapted the language to their culture which has originated differences in pronunciation, spelling and accents. Quick Lingo provides a high quality English translation service that takes into consideration all the regional linguistic varieties. We just use qualified professional English translators who only translate to their mother tongue.

English Translation Services

We provide English professional translation services for a wide range of industries including:

English Financial Translation

In the 2009 ranking of the competitiveness of financial centres, London is at the top of the list followed by New York. London is Europe’s main business centre and one of the top banking centres of the world. Around a quarter of Europe’s largest companies are headquartered in this city. For international companies, the translation of financial documents into English is a primordial need in the pursuit of a major role in the global financial market. Quick Lingo’s financial translation services will ensure that you can communicate efficiently with business partners, stakeholders and financial institutions.

English Website Translation

There are many reasons why your company’s website should be translated to English. According to World Internet Statistics, English is the main language used on the Internet used by almost 30% of the world online population. Around 45% of the web pages are written in English. If you want to reach a global audience you have to be able to communicate in English. Quick Lingo offers professional website translation services from and to English. We translate websites adapting the layout, typography and linguistic to the target locale standards.
English Legal Translation

The translation of legal documents requires a deep knowledge of the source and target language. Laws, codes and legal texts are written and structured in a way that suits a specific language and culture. Quick Lingo’s English legal translators are legal specialists with a deep knowledge of legal terminology and the legal system of source and target language. We provide highly accurate English legal translations.

Other English translation services include:

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English Languages Translation

We translate English into over 100 other languages including:

English to Spanish Translation

Our translation company is well aware of the linguistic variations existing within Spain and in the different Spanish speaker’s countries. We have specialist for all the different Spanish dialects and varieties. We use South American Spanish speakers to translate documents that are aimed to a South American audience and Spanish translators if the target audience is located in Spain. All of our English to Spanish translations have two-stage checks and and additional proofreading.

Spanish to English Translation

Quick Lingo provides professional Spanish to English translations for a wide range of fields. Our English translation services are provided by native speaking English translators, who are certified by language institutions as professional translators in their specific language field. We take into consideration the linguistics varieties of the target language and select the most suitable translators for the specific audience. You can rely on us for all Spanish to English translation needs.

English to French Translation

French is an official language in 28 countries and the second most taught language in the world. 77 million people worldwide speak French as a first language and 190 million do it as a second language. Our English to French translation service include English to French document translation, English to French legal translation and English to French website translation. We have French translators specialized in different French dialects such as Canadian French or Belgian French.

French to English Translation

Our French – English translators are native English speakers that have been certified by languages institutions as French translators. Our experienced linguistics take into consideration cultural factors and linguistic variations. Our translation agency has implemented an efficient project management to ensure that our translations are as accurate as possible.

Our translation company covers all language combinations.

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Free Online English Translation

If you need an instant English translation, visit our free online translation service. It is 100% free! As a way to maintain our commitment to provide excellence in translation services, we want to provide our customers a language tool to help them to communicate effectively and overcome language and culture barriers. Click here for a free English translation.

For professional English translations, call us on +44 (0)208 123 8014 from the UK and on +1 917 675 3091 from the US. You can also get a translation quote. We cater for English translations in London, UK wide and accross the world.