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Angika Translation services

Quick Lingo provides professional Angika translation services for documents and websites. From our main office in London, we deliver over 400 languages and dialects, including Angika to English or from English to Angika document translations. Our Angika translations are accurate, reliable and competitively priced.


About the Angika language

Angika is an Indo-Arian language spoken in the Anga region of India. It  is also spoken is some parts of Malaysia, Vietnam, Cambodia, the Tarai Region of Nepal and certain parts of other Southeast Asian countries. The language is considered as the oldest in the Bangla language family. It is composed of several dialects and is spoken by an estimate of 725,000 individuals.

Reliable Angika Translation Services

With over 5000 carefully selected translators, we have access to professional Angika language linguists with experience in delivering various types of translations including legal, medical, marketing, technical and all business documents. All Angika translation projects are dealt with by an experienced team of Angika translators, in-house editors and project managers. For linguistic accuracy, our Angika translators are fully qualified and experienced in delivering highly accurate translations.

Why Companies Choose Our Angika Document Translations

Benefits of working with our translation agency include:

  • We employ Angika linguists who only translate into their mother-tongue
  • Quick turnaround service for tight translation deadlines
  • After translation support is available for free. We aim to please with our language services at all times
  • Our translations are highly accurate and business-ready
  • Internal quality checks carried out numerous times to ensure 100% accuracy
  • A dedicated translation manager available to handle all your requirements at any time

For all Angika translation services, please email us now at sales@quicklingo.com and we shall reply you within 10 minutes with a quotation. We deliver Angika translation services to clients all across the globe. Join our client list for accurate translations all the time.

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To learn more about our Angika translation services or for any other enquiries, please call our London office on +44 (0)208 123 8014 from the UK and on +1 917 675 3091 from the US. Alternatively, you can get a quick translation quote.