Quick Lingo provides professional translation services to assist individual and corporate clients with any type of Afrikaans translation. Afrikaans is one of the official languages of South Africa and it counts about 6 million Afrikaans native speakers. Our translators are carefully selected depending on their expertise and experience.

Our translation agency provides Afrikaans translation services to government bodies, business and a broad range of institutions.

Quick Lingo’s Afrikaans Translation Services

We cover a wide range of fields such as:

Our translation company covers all language combinations. Click here to view all our languages

Reliable Afrikaans Translation Quality

  • Our quality assurance procedures have been designed to deliver the best possible Afrikaans translations within the agreed turnaround time.
  • Quick Lingo’s translations go through two quality checks to ensure accuracy.
  • All of our Afrikaans translations are carried out by native Afrikaans professional translators that are experienced in the client’s industry.

Our Specialist Afrikaans Translations

As a professional translation agency, we are dedicated to delivering language requirements to each individual client. All clients are different and unique to what they want translated which is why we cover the following specialist Afrikaans translations:-

Afrikaans to English Translation

We have expert Afrikaans to English translators to translate any document from Afrikaans language.

English to Afrikaans Translation

Get your documents and files translated from English to English by our professional team of Afrikaans linguists.

Afrikaans Website Translation

Our translation agency provides translation services for websites into Afrikaans language or from Afrikaans to any language.

Afrikaans Business Translation

Our network of expert Afrikaans business translators is ready to deliver the translations of your business documents. You can rely on our Afrikaans translations..

Afrikaans Interpreting services

Hire our professional Afrikaans interpreters for your business appointments. Our Afrikaans interpreters handle any type of interpreting assignment.

Afrikaans Manuals Translation

Our agency provides technical translation of manuals from and into Afrikaans. This includes installation manuals, operation manuals, user guides, etc.

Afrikaans Software Translations

We translate and adapt software for the Afrikaans end user. You can trust our specialist software localization service today.

Afrikaans Transcreation Services

We can creatively translate and transcreate documents for the South African market. The same applies from Afrikaans to English language.

Afrikaans Pharmaceutical Translation

Pharmaceutical documents translated for Afrikaans speakers with a professional approach and expertise. Order your translation today.

Afrikaans Medical Translations

Medical translations require a full understanding of the medical terminology in the source. We provide reliable Afrikaans medical translations

Afrikaans Engineering Translation

We provide mechanical engineering translations from and into Afrikaans language professionally and accurately.

Afrikaans Marketing Translation

We deliver highly accurate and culturally suitable advertising and marketing Afrikaans translations.

Afrikaans Technical Translation

We deliver Afrikaans technical translations with confidence and years of experience and expertise.

Afrikaans Magazine and Book Translation

If you require a magazine and book translation our translation agency can help you with this important task.

Afrikaans Financial Translation

We offer specialist Afrikaans financial translation services for leading institutions and companies in the world.

Afrikaans TV and Films Translation

We provide TV and film translations from and into Afrikaans language. We are a top translation provider for films.
Afrikaans Transcription
We can transcribe and translate documentaries, reports, movies, short films, presentations and much more.

Afrikaans Contract Translation

We remain as a leading translation provider for contracts translations because we offer a high quality service.

Afrikaans Betting Translation

Sports betting has become a popular hobby worldwide and our Afrikaans translations can help you reach the South African market.

Afrikaans Casino Translation

We offer specialized Afrikaans casino translation solutions for leading for online gambling casino websites.

Afrikaans Document Translation

We have expert Afrikaans translators for all document translation requirements that you might have.

Afrikaans Legal Translation

Our Afrikaans legal translation service includes the translation of any type of legal documents isuch as business contracts and many more.

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