Due to globalization and growing multiculturalism, interpreting services are becoming increasingly relevant to overcome language barriers. In addition to our translation services, Quick Lingo offers high-quality interpreting services in over 150 languages, 24 hours per day. We provide professional interpreters to the public sector, business and other private entities.

Our range of interpreting services includes:

Conference Interpreting Services

Multilingual business meetings and international conferences are required in today’s globalized world . Quick Lingo’s professional translation and interpreting services for event and conferences offer you the adequate assistance to guarantee the success of your event. All our conference interpreters are highly skilled in specific fields such as finance, politics and sports.

Court Interpreting

The role of a court interpreter during legal processes is of utmost importance. Therefore you need assistance you can rely on. In addition to our legal translation services, Quick Lingo provides  top class court interpreting Services. All of our court interpreters are experienced and very familiar with legal terminology and court proceedings.

Medical Interpreting

A good understanding between medical staff and patients is primordial to deliver an accurate diagnosis and to provide adequate health care. Quick Lingo’s medical interpreters possess an in-depth knowledge of medicine and medical procedures, and have been trained to deal with different medical situations. Quick Lingo’s medical interpreting is part of our medical translation department.

Legal Interpreting

Legal Interpreting is a very difficult task that requires an in-depth knowledge of judicial matters and legal proceedings. Inaccurate interpretations might have disastrous consequences. Quick Lingo is constantly providing legal Interpreting services to solicitors, law firm, government departments and business clients.

We also provide:

We provide interpretation worldwide. Whether you are in Russia or China, our interpreting company can cater for all your language interpreting needs.

To learn more about our interpreting services call us on +44 (0) 2081238014  from the UK and on +19176753091 from the US. Alternatively, you can get an online quote. We also offers a translation services for all the main languages.