Business Translation

Reliable Business Translation Service Quick Lingo’s business translation services will open up your company to the competitive international market. For your business to achieve global success, you will need a quality communication scheme. Our business translation services have been designed to match all your requirements. We provide business translation services in London, the UK and worldwide. Give Your Business a Boost Becoming successful in today’s global market is the aim of modern day businesses and effective communication is the key factor. Global business success implies a better understanding of the cultural differences, business ethics, and practices of the multicultural players involved. Comprehensive business translation services will provide the required support […]

Quick Translations

Quick Translation Services Our quick translation services have been designed to deliver express translations when time is crucial. Our trademark, as a translation agency, is to deliver high-quality translations quickly. We understand that business clients may, sometimes, require even shorter turnaround times on their translation projects in order to meet internal deadlines. That is why we are currently offering same day translations Same Day Translation Service With our business structure and network of over 5000 translators in our books, Quick Lingo is capable of delivering quick translations within 24 hours. However, this depends on a few factors such as: Language combination Size of the document Translator expertise required Time submitted […]

Professional Translators

Quick Lingo is a translation agency with the passion for quality. That is why we select only professional translators very carefully to ensure keeping the high standard that characterized our services. The accuracy and ability to understand the different cultural, linguistic and semantic factors provided by human translation are irreplaceable. Quick Lingo uses highly certified translators and interpreters that provide first class translation services. Before your translation is allocated to any of our 5000 plus linguists, we must choose the translators that are best suited to the specific requirements of that particular project. For each assignment you will have a project manager assigned to you, who will keep you up […]

Human Resource Translation

Quick Lingo provides professional Human Resource translation services for Human Resources in more than 100 languages. Your HR department is often referred to as the “backbone” of your organization. By translating your human resources documents, you will ensure that your personnel understand your company’s policies, procedures, forms, and internal communications. Our translation agency guarantees quality and reliability. Human Resource Translation Services Quick Lingo has experience in dealing with all aspects of human resources translation services. We translate: * Employee handbooks and manuals * HR policies * Employment applications * Newsletters * Employee training materials * Employee review forms * Safety documents and information * HR forms Multilingual Human Resource Translation […]

Document Translation Services

Our London translation agency offers high quality document translation services in over 100 languages. We translate any type of documents from and to English, Afrikaans, Chichewa, French and many other languages. Whether you need a translation in London, New York or Tokyo, the solution is just a click away. Our team strives to understand your exact requirements and deliver excellent document translation services to you consistently. Document Translation Services We guarantee correctness and confidentiality in all our services . We translate: * Official documents * Financial documents * Passports/ Personal documents * Contracts * Legal documents * Academic certifications * Marketing reports * CVs/ Application Forms Translation Quality Quick Lingo […]

Multilingual Desktop Publishing

In addition to our professional translation services, Quick Lingo provides complementary multilingual desktop publishing services as a value added service for customers’ publishing needs. Desktop Publishing refers to the process of using the computer to produce documents such as newsletters, brochures, books and other publications. Many translations will require to be reformatted to comply with the target language standards. This process may involve the localization of graphics, layout and typography. Our multilingual desktop publishing service ensures that these elements and the content are integrated seamlessly. Multilingual Desktop Publishing Services Our comprehensive multilingual Desktop Publishing services include: Designing and formatting documents and publications ensuring that they match the original and comply […]

Financial Translation Services

Quick Lingo specializes in providing high quality professional financial translation services for banks, investment companies and other financial institutions. Our London translation agency caters for local businesses and global corporations. For multinational companies, financial translation is a primordial need in order to deal efficiently with foreign banks and financial entities and to keep their shareholders and partners up-to-date. High Standard Financial Translation Finance translations are essential for a successful insertion in the global market. Quick Lingo’s financial translation services have been designed to deliver the most linguistic and technical accurate translations. We understand that critical documents such as financial reports and business plans require the highest attention and expertise to […]

Government Translation

Quick Lingo’s government translation services have been designed to help governmental bodies and local councils communicate effectively with their communities. Accurate translations are vital for both central and local governments to interact with international organizations and to reach out multicultural members of the society. Our translation agency delivers first class government translation services to ministers, embassies and public institutions in general. Government Translation Services Diplomacy, social services, defence and education all depend on precise information. Government translations are critical for national governments that need to interact politically or economically with other countries and international bodies. They also facilitate communication between local authorities and non-English speaking population. Quick Lingo has experience […]

Transcription Services

Quick Lingo offers transcription services to customers over the world in more than 100 languages including Afrikaans, Chinese, Russian and Chichewa. In addition to our professional translation services, Quick Lingo provides a wide range of top class transcription services to suit any requirements. All of our tasks comply with strict project management procedures designed to keep high quality standards.The transcripts can be delivered in a wide range of formats such as digital media files, CDs, emails or printed copies. We also provide digital, medical, legal, media and conference transcriptions. To discuss any specific projects call us on +44 (0) 208 223 7496. Medical Transcription Services Quick Lingo offers excellent medical […]

Technical Translation

Quick Lingo provides high quality and reliable professional technical translation services in London, the UK and worldwide. Technical translations require a high level of knowledge and mastery of the relevant terminology. Any misintenpretation or mistake in the translations of user manuals or guides could lead to risky situation for potential users. Our London based translation company provides translations that are accurate, clearly written and uses the correct terminology for the given field. We pride ourselves on recruiting only the most qualified native translators, who will translate anything from user’s guides and training material to technical manuals and online support. Technical Translation Services Hi-tech companies are in constant evolution to deliver […]